Wednesday, February 11, 2004

We've been decepted by lowlife white collor crime criminals. Theve've not only stolen more then our savings amounting in over $400,000.00; theve also stole our health to boot.
We are trying to join forces with others to prevent and educate others for these unforsaken people.
If you have ever heard of Rubina Zahid and her family Zara & Shaun in "First American Securities, LLC in Las Vegas Nevada and
Sergio Silver in Los Angelas Ca. area and his girlfriend Sonya Availa (sounds something like that); RUN< HARD AND FAST: AND PLEASE REPORT THESE PEOPLE!
Sergio Silver had a company called Defined Asset Holdings, now it's called Stratos technologies and he's claiming that he's building a platform to host phone equiptment that will be under a blimp within the atmosphere.
We're trying to find others who want to help stop this, have been involved, or also need a support group like ourselves. I know there are alot of people that have decieved by these people. Sergio & Rubina traveled all over the world mainly to Austrailia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and New York.
I Hope this helps some of us that are hurting to heal from our great losses.

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